Corrosion is real and if you are living in South Texas, there is no way of escaping it. When it comes to abrasive blasting and coatings, we may not have written the book, but we are adding a few chapters to it. The secret to a successful coating application often lies in the quality of the surface preparation and cleanliness before the first coat is ever applied. SR Trident offers superior quality craftsmanship, application methods, and materials. SR Trident offers a variety of surface cleaning methods and technologies, applicable to a number of commercial and industrial applications, including surface preparation for painting and protective coatings, concrete or masonry cleaning and finishing, metal cleaning and finishing, removal of hazardous material and pressurized water cleaning processes. Corrosion accounts for tremendous financial losses every year. The global cost of corrosion in 2022 is estimated to be 2,505 billion, which is equivalent to 3.4% of the global GDP. Tanks, pipelines, and structures all fall prey to corrosion leading to costly repairs, lost productivity, and regulatory compliance issues.

Abrasive Blasting and Coating Services:

- Abrasive Blasting
- Apply Approved Coatings by Hand Mechanical
- Spray & Wrap Applications
- Internal Pipe Coatings
-Tank Coatings & Liners

Abrasive Blasting Services
Abrasive Blasting

industrial coating professionals

At SR Trident we combine quality craftsmanship and technical expertise with a safety-first attitude. When it comes to blasting sand and other tiny, abrasive objects at interior or exterior surfaces at an extremely high velocity, safety will always be paramount. When something has the ability to strip paint off of a metallic surface it's easy to imagine the potential it has to cause injury to people and damage to property. We safely provide superior industrial painting and protective coatings services for capital or new construction, maintenance or rehabilitation.

SR Trident has a dedicated group of applicators and technicians who provide technical as well as practical expertise that begins with the initial point of contact and continues through each phase until completion. Along with their knowledge and certifications they are able to evaluate the scope of your project taking into consideration the size, scale, environmental and regulatory factors to be able to provide clients with innovative customized solutions. We are acutely aware that the budget is always going to be a factor and are very conscientious of this throughout the entire process. Abrasive blasting and coating is where it all started, where SR Trident cut its proverbial teeth. We take pride in the knowledge that when you chose to contact us it's not because you didn't have other options. You are contacting us because of the path we are forging and the reputation we are building when it comes to our abrasive blasting and coatings capabilities. We understand the importance of deadlines and support our projects with association trained and certified (NACE,SSPC) industrial coatings professionals. When you live in the coastal bend corrosion is a fact of life but, with the right program, we can help you control it and protect your investments.

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