Leonabelle turnbull boardwalk

Port Aransas, Texas
Port Aransas, TX took a direct hit from Hurricane Harvey in 2017, causing severe damage to wetlands, previously constructed boardwalks, and observation towers, SR Trident Inc., engineers, architects, biologists, and the City of Port Aransas teamed up to bring these facilities back to life.

Building in environmentally sensitive areas, such as wetlands, poses challenges beyond just navigating waterways and marshlands. It is critical to preserve plant and animal life and ensure that contractors are safe, even from potentially aggressive wildlife native to the habitat. In this case, there are protected species to consider, like whooping cranes as well as aggressive wildlife, like the American alligator. One of the first obstacles encountered during the construction of the boardwalks, granite trails, and observation towers was initiating an access solution for the wetlands. At times, reaching the main point of access to a wetland area is just as difficult as reaching the location where the construction will take place. It was imperative to follow the plan set for the job, working within the limitations of disturbance and adhering to all right-of-way requirement. Our plan for overcoming this obstacle was to use matting since it is among the most versatile and popular options for accessing and protecting wetland areas during construction. This allowed for the installation for crew members and equipment during pile driving applications and boardwalk construction. The matting also helped kepp our crew members dry and safe from slips and falls throughout the construction process. SR  Trident, Inc. placed over 4,000 linear feet of matting to support the construction process and protect the wetlands.

Following the placement of the matting, construction activities were able to begin. We began with pile driving activities, which required the use of surveying crews to locate and mark each pile location, marsh buggies and tracked trucks to haul material from the laydown yard to the installation locations, and excavators equipped with vibratory hammers to drive piles to depth. SR Trident, Inc. installed approximately 1,500 wooden piles to support the new boardwalks and observation towers that stretch out over a mile and a half.

Following the pile installation, our construction team began working on the granite trails, construction of the new boardwalks and construction of the observation towers. The material required for this project included 17,425 square feet of ADA accessible decomposed granite trail, 26,410 square feet of board walk., 35,000 linear feet of lumber, 6,000 linear feet of stainless steel all thread, 60,000 stainless screws, recycled ADA benches, recycled picnic tables, and a Mark I telescope that was donated to the project by SR Trident, Inc.

With the reconstruction of these boardwalks, bird watchers, and outdoor enthusiasts will be able to enjoy hundreds of bird species that migrate through the area, including the endangered whooping crane. Boardwalks into wetlands and trails adjacent to wetlands allow the public, students, teachers, and others to see the hidden world that these wetlands have to offer. The completion of this project marks an important milestone in the hurricane recovery effort for the City of Port Aransas. As a local contractor, SR Trident, Inc. is very proud to have been a part of this project.