mechanical &
structural fabrication

Mechanical & structural fabrication

Structural fabrication

SR Trident can perform the design, fabrication and installation of structural steel, underground and above-ground piping, as well as internal and external pipe coatings.  Here at SR Trident our logic is simple, we deliver projects on time and on budget. We understand that in today's ultra-competitive market simply getting the job done is no longer the right business model that ensures future work or a client's satisfaction. Our clients want to be engaged beyond those aspects with real-time collaborations all while exceeding their expectations. Our unique structure and diverse abilities allow us to manage a wide range of projects within our industry. SR Trident can handle projects large and small. From maintenance to greenfield and brownfield SR Trident is capable of handling any aspect of your project in-house or through our strategic partners. Since our inception we have developed and maintained an excellent reputation for our quality, safety culture, and our leading-edge construction technologies. Our strengths have resulted in the successful completion of large complex projects from design build to conventional maintenance contracts. 

Mechanical and Structural Fabrication Services:
- Process Pipe Fabrication & Installation
- Steel Fabrication & Erection
- Firewater Ductile Iron & HDPE repair/installation
- DOT & Non-DOT Tie-ins
- Skid Mounted Process Units
- Rail & Truck Loading Facilities
- Millwright & Mechanical Services
dust settling chamber
structural fabrication steel erection

quality craftsmanship

What separates us from our peers is that we have a very low turnover rate, which allows us to train, develop and promote from within, creating continuity throughout our operations. We believe in our product and the fact we keep growing year after year tells us that our clients believe in us. We never lose sight of exactly what that product is, it's the boots on the ground because ultimately, they are the key to our success. We take pride in being able to bring value to our clients and we do not take for granted the sizable investment our clients make in us when they award us a project. We turn around and reinvest in our people with the belief that training our team members on safety, skills and technology empowers them and by doing so generates high morale and a positive attitude because they feel engaged. We believe that our clients deserve positive interaction throughout their project lifecycle, so we ensure that they receive it. When issues arise, SR Trident meets them with solutions not problems. Here at SR Trident our goal is to just keep it simple and breed client satisfaction!

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