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SR Trident has the capabilities to perform a wide range of marine projects along the Texas Gulf Coast. The refinery, petrochemical and industrial manufacturing industries look to our expertise to design and build their marine projects on time, within budget and above all, safely. We are a general contracting company that specializes in pile driving services, industrial and commercial marine construction services, mechanical dredging, and shoreline protection services.  

Since 2012 SR Trident has developed and delivered a wide range of marine construction services solutions for both the public and private sectors, throughout the Gulf Coast Region. Our continued success to perform challenging projects with the highest quality, safety, and client assurance is backed by our extensive knowledge and expertise. 

Marine Services:
- Pile Driving (Water & Land)
- Bulkhead Construction – Commercial and Industrial
- Loading Dock Construction
- Pier and Wharf Construction
- Marina Construction
- Marine Fabrication
- Shoreline Protection
- Marine Maintenance and Repair
- DMPA Rehabilitation/New Construction
Marine Pile Driving Service