Civil construction


laying the foundation

Here in South Texas, our build is our brand, and we stake our reputation on it. We live where we work so we take pride in our growing reputation for being able to complete the largest civil construction jobs using heavy machinery with an expert workforce that understands that people, communities, and cities depend on the work we do. SR Trident's level of advancement, accuracy, speed and safety has allowed us to work with high-end public and private sector companies. 

Our civil construction work aligns with our culture of safety first. Safety audits are routinely performed with our staff continuously monitoring projects for ever-changing rules and regulations. We protect the communities we live in by maintaining the strictest erosion-control policies throughout each civil project, so harmful pollutants do not mix with the surrounding environment. 

Civil Services:

- Concrete Foundations
- Subgrade Pier Installation
- Excavating & Trenching

Industrial Construction Services - Civil Construction
Civil Construction

civil experience

SR Trident's goal is to turn our client's vision into reality by delivering a final product that meets or exceeds their expectations. With over a decade of experience we understand the unique characteristics and challenges of civil construction. Proper planning, preparation, and communication with our clients are at the core of our success. Regulatory demands may act as an obstacle but cutting corners is never an option as we always follow protocols and comply with all regulations while safely delivering our client's vision.

Our integrated approach to our civil projects is what separates us from our competition. This is critical due to the nature and complexities involved in something as simple as an earthwork project where multiple aspects of grading, structural excavation/backfill, dewatering, surface water diversion, erosion control, and ground improvements may be required. SR Trident takes pride in our work, from start to finish. Our commitment isn't complete until you, our client, are satisfied.   

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