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SR Trident is a Texas Industrial Construction Company built on the principles of integrity, work ethic, and a strong dedication to customer satisfaction. Our philosophy of developing a skilled and dedicated workforce has helped us become the company we are today. Understanding and appreciating that we are only as good as the people we surround ourselves with gives our company the representation it needs. SR Trident’s industrial construction business thrives on our performance starting with safety all the way through to our client's satisfaction. No matter how small or large the project, our goal is to provide unmatched quality and service at a competitive price. As members of Avetta, ISNetworld, and Veriforce; our staff is comprised of competent operator qualified personnel.



Providing our clients with a skilled and dedicated workforce. Consistently improving the quality of our product by applying the principles of integrity, strong worth ethic, and dedication to customer satisfaction; to be recognized as a company where safety is a culture not just a word ensuring the longevity of our company. 


To make SR Trident, Inc. the preeminent provider of industrial construction services.


Ryan Berthold - CEO

As co-founder, co-owner, and CEO, Ryan Berthold has been with Trident since its inception in January 2012. He knows that for the company to be successful and run smoothly, it is important to wear many hats. In addition to CEO, some of his include counselor, coach, and communicator.

Ultimately, Ryan and fellow co-founder, Steven Snyder, are responsible for planning, creating, and directing the company’s long-term strategy and direction with daily oversight of people and their tasks. They both can, will, and do grab tools and jump in to help get the task done. They know success is a team effort.

A military veteran who served as a Navy Seal for seven years, Ryan knows how to take charge and get things done and done properly. He lives his strong core values of honor, integrity, and humility not only at work but also at home with his lovely wife Rachel and their two children.

Ryan graduated from Texas A&M Corpus Christi with a business degree. He enlisted in the Navy in 2004, where he completed Basic Underwater Demolition School (BUDs class 259) and Seal Qualification Training (SQT class 259). His remaining time in the service was spent as a Navy SEAL (East Coast).

Steven Snyder - CFO

Steven Snyder is the co-founder and CFO of SR Trident Inc. A man of integrity and vision, Steven is committed to producing quality industrial construction services for the growing economy of South Texas. Through teamwork, diligence and hard work, SR Trident Inc. has seen its preeminent operations extend to reliably provide industrial construction services outside of our region.

Like his fellow co-founder, Ryan Berthold, Steven loves a challenge and never shies away from helping whenever and wherever help is needed. He believes employees are the biggest asset and true foundation of any business; how you treat employees is how they will treat clients.

Steven graduated from Texas A&M Corpus Christi with a bachelor’s degree in science in 1999. He completed his master’s in administration in 2003 from Texas A&M Corpus Christi. He was a teacher, coach, and principal from 1999–2011 and started SR Trident with Ryan in 2012.

He puts his core values of God, honor, integrity, humility, and strong belief in the Golden Rule into practice at work and home. He is happily married to Courtni and has three children along with four grandchildren - two grandsons, and two granddaughters.
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