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Pipelines are the safest, most reliable, and environmentally friendly way to transport oil and natural gas in America today. Spills, leaks, and ruptures are rare. In fact, 99.999 percent of all products reach their destination without incident. The pipeline has come a long way from its humble beginnings in Pithole City, PA. Initially, oil was transported in large barrels that once full weighed up to 300 pounds and were hauled by horse and buggy by the teamsters to their destinations. The problem was that it was costing more to transport the oil than the actual price of the oil itself, in an effort to eliminate the teamster’s grip on his livelihood Samuel Van Syckel in January 1865 built the first 2" 5-and-a-half-mile pipeline in the world and put an end to the inflated transportation costs of oil. What a difference 165 years can make, today with 58,588 miles of pipeline; just in the state of Texas alone, it has more pipe in the ground than any other state. It goes without saying Texas is also the largest U.S. oil-producing state, roughly 42% of the country's total output, and employs an estimated 321,300 oilfield workers. With that kind of history and those kinds of numbers and wanting to be as versatile and client value oriented as possible, it was only natural that SR Trident would provide a service that allows us the opportunity to grow our brand as our client grows theirs. 

Pipeline Services:
- Pipeline Construction
- Compressor & Meter Station Installation
- Gas Plant Installation
- Well Connects
- Pipeline Integrity & Rehabilitation
- Right-of-Way Maintenance
Pipeline Construction - Welding
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When a client brings SRT in to do a project they are getting more than just the name on the side of the truck, they are hiring a group of individuals that make up the community that we all call Texas. Dig a little deeper still and you will find that these men and women think of each other as family, here at SR Trident we are our brother's keeper. There is no better exercise of team building than gathering a group of like-minded individuals together with a common goal of putting a pipe in the ground and making sure it gets to its final destination on time and on budget. That's the SRT way of doing business. Honest, hardworking, and quality driven all the while being environmentally conscious, understanding how important it is to protect our planet for our children and our children's children, and we want to do our part in helping the state of Texas and our clients cut down on their carbon footprint (GHG). The University of Alberta found that pipelines reduced greenhouse gas emissions between 61 to 77% versus rail for transporting oil and gas long distances. Imagine how many transport trucks would be congesting the highways hauling these fuels if not for pipelines. Whether its valve change-outs, anomaly digs, pipeline rerouting, replacement and lowering, river and road crossings, ROW maintenance, to re-vegetation SR Trident has the expertise, manpower, and equipment to continue the vision of Samuel Van Syckel by connecting Texas and America one pipeline at a time for the purpose of transporting products whose ultimate impact has not been realized even today.

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