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NCCER Certified scaffolding services

SR Trident wants to be an integral component to all industrial projects including maintenance, turnarounds, outages, new construction, and capital projects. Whether it's designing, erecting, modifying, or dismantling scaffolds, SR Trident has you covered. The scaffold erectors we have on staff are NCCER+ certified and some of the most skilled craftsmen in their respective fields. SR Trident understands that every time someone steps foot on a scaffolding platform they are putting their life and well-being in our hands. BLS statistics indicate that scaffolding accidents result in 4,500 injuries and over 60 deaths each year and that almost 30 percent of all workplace deaths from falls involve scaffolding or ladders.

Scaffold erectors don't always get the respect they deserve, and they truly are the unsung heroes in an industry with a labor pool that lacks a skilled and experienced labor force. There is no time to be afraid of heights, they must possess excellent hand eye coordination, be physically fit, along with an acute understanding of health and safety all the while working in the extreme heat. SR Trident sees opportunity in adversity and when real world problems of industrial construction come calling, we are there to answer the call. We understand the considerable pressure our clients are under in keeping up with compliance regulations; in addition to keeping up with scheduling issues or responding to the unexpected, such as equipment failures or unscheduled maintenance emergencies. Regardless of the circumstance, our clients expect to be supported by a competent and reliable partner. 
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Dust Settling Chamber Scaffolding

Scaffolding Solutions

When SR Trident was founded, it was decided early on that in order to be successful we needed to offer a variety of services. Scaffolding is one such service we felt would bring value to our clients. We know that our clients demand rigorous time frames and safety requirements, and we take pride in knowing that they have the confidence in us to get the job done. The SR Trident management team is a highly skilled team of professionals possessing many years of experience to track and complete even the most difficult jobs on time every time. With an extensive amount of scaffolding inventory. SRT has the capabilities to erect and manage stationary, hanging, and mobile scaffolds in the safest possible, professional, and efficient, way possible

Scaffolding Services:
- Stationary Scaffolding
- Hanging Scaffolding
- Mobile Scaffolding

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