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Workplace Safety Meetings - Accident Prevention

Countering the Human Element that Leads to Incident

Regulatory agencies and companies take significant action in attempting to thwart incidents and injuries. While Big Brother mandates the rules of ensuring a safe workplace, companies must initiate policies and programs to gain and maintain compliance.  Although it seems elementary in actually identifying as an action and reaction sequence, there might just be more to […]
Avoiding line strikes during excavation.

Striking Out Doubt and Avoiding Line Strikes

When surveying an accumulation of incidents and injuries, an often contributing factor that presents itself is rushing to complete a job task. With the end goal in mind, safety and other proactive behaviors find themselves in solitude on the back burner of thought. Serving as system checks or safeguards, these factors remain useless if not […]
Journey Management Program

Taking Journey Management the Distance

Companies go to great lengths to ensure the safety of their personnel in the workplace. An abundance of policies and procedures have been drafted, typically in response to incidents, to serve as a guide in completing job tasks both efficiently and safely. Not all hazards, however, are explicitly located in the workplace.  Many companies are […]
Industrial Construction - Heavy Equipment

Three Steps to Managing Hazards

The term hazard simply refers to a danger or risk. They are unwanted and avoided in the workplace. While in many instances, they can be avoided, certain industries support job tasks that incur hazardous activity that cannot be avoided. In these cases, great care must be exerted in avoiding their unpleasant effects. The secret to […]
Moving equipment hazards

Eliminating the Strain of Manual Lifting

When considering high-risk work, working from heights and in confined spaces typically top the list. Although, in most of the cases, back strain does not result from similar activities, the risk of muscle strains and other ailments are quite common in the workplace. Manual lifting takes a turn for the worst when basic lifting techniques […]
Avoid Falling Objects

Avoiding Falling Objects

The construction industry can serve as an arena of multiple hazards. This is often due to simultaneous activities taking place. Where a work area is congested and multiple crews and trades are doing their part to complete a project, the likelihood of falling objects is quite prevalent.  This does not necessarily indicate that a negative […]
Moving equipment hazards

Moving Equipment Leads to Multiple Hazards

Construction sites are typically congested areas of intense work. They often involve multiple tasks taking place simultaneously. This high-risk activity can be found in various scenarios, including pipeline builds, manufacturing sites, and road builds, among others. In all instances, heavy equipment such as bulldozers, cranes, and large earth-moving trucks are used to conduct work.  This […]
Dust in the workplace

Dust in the Workplace Proves Dangerous

Dust can often be overlooked when assessing the work environment for potential hazards. Unless it is a large and obvious plume towering above, dust hazards can be pushed aside while attention is directed towards more obvious or sexy hazards, like potential hydrogen sulfide outbreaks or working inside confined spaces.  The hazards associated with dust are […]
ladder safety

Reaching New Heights in Ladder Safety

The majority of an individual’s time is spent in the workplace. For some, that parallels potentially dangerous working conditions where proper safety equipment and training must be utilized to promote an incident-free outcome. Not all dangerous situations found in the workplace result from unsafe behavior or poorly operating equipment. It can just exist because of […]
personal protective equipment gloves

Don’t Give Up, Glove Up!

When we consider discussions on personal protective equipment (PPE), we typically focus heavily on safety glasses and hard hats. Steel-toed boots find their place at the conversation table as well; however, gloves seem to refrain from carrying an equal level of importance.  The irony is that this should not be the case. Hand injuries are […]