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Ergonomic Injuries In Roofers

Ergonomic Injuries Specific To Roofers

Ergonomic injuries impact thousands of construction workers throughout the United States each year. Some of the most common ergonomic injuries experienced by these individuals include carpal tunnel syndrome related to extended periods of repetitive movements, such as those involved in lifting heavy objects or drilling, and neck pain resulting from poor posture while performing daily […]
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Most Common Forms Of PPE In The Construction Industry

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is an essential component of all jobs within the construction industry and saves countless lives each year. We’ll review some of the most important forms of PPE used in the construction industry and discuss the characteristics of each. The following requirements are sourced from OSHA standards, specifically 29 CFR 1926. Occupational […]
Occupational Safety and Health Administration

OSHA’s Fatal Four – Top Safety Hazards In Construction

The construction industry is certainly not shy of work-related hazards and remains one of the most dangerous occupational fields. Among the countless sources of hazards in this industry, there are four in particular that result in the highest percentage of fatalities. Referred to as the Fatal Four by OSHA, the following hazards are responsible for […]
Requirements For Being An Accredited Quality Contractor

Requirements For Being An Accredited Quality Contractor

SR Trident was recently recognized by Associated Builders and Contractors Coastal Bend as a 2021 Accredited Quality Contractor (AQC) due to its commitment to striving for safety in the workplace every day. This designation is quite the honor to achieve within the civil construction industry as not all businesses who apply for consideration will be […]
Fall Hazards In Construction

Preventing Fall Hazards In Construction

In 2019, OSHA reported that nearly 20% of worker fatalities within the private industry were related to jobs in construction. The following year, the organization stated that fall protection within the construction industry ranked #1 within the top 5 most frequently cited standards above hazard communication, respiratory protection, scaffolding, and ladders (Occupational Safety and Health […]
Hardhat Maintenance and Care.

Hardhats: Maintenance and Care

Industrial workplaces demand specific tools and equipment to conduct work safely and effectively. Those working in the construction field recognize the importance of personal protective equipment as the last line of defense in combating workplace injuries and incidents. Hardhats serve as a major component in the personal protective equipment grouping.  While often referred to as […]
Proper body positioning for safety.

Proper Body Positioning Enhances Safety

While companies increase safety awareness and attempt to promote an effective safety culture, a plethora of safety acronyms and terminology flood the workforce. Although they might be unique in name, their purpose is similar. They are tools used to increase safety awareness and reduce or eliminate injuries and incidents.  A popular term finding its way […]
Valve line of fire safety.

Avoiding the Line of Fire

In an attempt to mitigate potential injuries and incidents, many companies have engaged in more robust discussions when it comes to workplace safety. While once populating quick discussions when preparing to attack a specific task, these conversations have manifested into regular parts of pre-job planning, hazard assessments, and continual tailgate meetings in the field.  Several […]
Winter road safety.

Managing Winter Weather Roadways

Whether you reside in the northeast or in Southern Texas, the recent weather patterns have definitely cast a shadow over morning commutes and jobsite travel. Freezing temperatures partnered with excessive moisture have resulted in treacherous roadways of ice and snow. Just recently, the Eagle Ford Shale of Texas was forced to combat slick roadways with […]
Working in cold weather.

Contending with the Cold Weather

Anyone working outdoors can appreciate the change in temperature surging across the Lonestar State and other geographic regions. This sudden barrage of freezing temperatures can seem mythical for the southern region, yet they still demand respect and an understanding of how to safely endure them while in the workplace.  Various countermeasures can be enacted and […]